The Flames of Rome

(Kregel Publications, 445 pp., hardcover or paperback). Like Pontius Pilate, this book is a new literary genre invented by Paul Maier which he calls "the documentary novel," in which all the characters are historical, historical facts are never contradicted, and any fictional elements are identified at the close.  These pages tell the crucial, true story of how Christianity first reached Rome, what happened at St. Paul's trial before Nero, and why that Roman emperor persecuted Christians so horribly after the Great Fire of Rome in A.D. 64.  The 26 pages of Endnotes document it all.


 "Impressive ... illuminates a crucial time and place in world history."                 - Publishers Weekly

"A book that will fire the imagination ... Paul Maier completes the story that Luke left hanging when he finished the final chapter of the book of Acts." - The Cleveland Press — Fiction

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